Satellite Internet Access

Satellite Internet is a resource that is avaible to 99% of the population and is very helpful for rural residents that dont have a internet connection. Starlink Satellite internet has recently reported that 2,000 Satellites are in lower earth orbit and are moving at a fast speed. Radio Frequency is used in order to communicate with a satellite dish or in orbit.

Is Satellite internet a good option?: Satellite internet is infamous for delivering slow speeds, leg time and data problems. It works by orbiting around earth and using radio waves to communicate 22,000 milies in space. Nasa plans to send 2,000 more satellites into earths orbit in the next 5 years improving internet. Satellite internet can be used almost everywhere in the world but they do have more outages then cable connections during inclimate weather which is why it is not reccomended over cable, fiber and DSL.

SpaceX Starlink: Starlight came out November 2020 and now has over 400,000 in the world. The internet is avaible in 36 countries so far and is planning on expanding to Asia and Africa mid 2024. It is designed to deliver high speed internet anywhere in the world. Starlink satellites use optical lazers for high speed communication.