Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global position Systems are generally used to find your way to another location. The GPS can be found in your car, smartphone and your watch it provides the time of arrival . Satellites are the reason GPS’s work as they transmit radio signals and provides users with approximatly 7.0 meter accuarcy, 95% of the time.

What are the Primary components of the GPS in a satellite?

The GPS system consists three main segments which are Space segment, Control Segment and user segment. The space segment consists of 24 hours operating satellites that transmit one way signal to the GPS. The control segment consists of worldwide monitor and control station to help maintain the satellite in a proper orbit. In addition, the control segment tracks the GPS as well as uploading navigational data and making sure the satellite is in a healthy status. The segment for users is the product which consists a GPS reciver eqiptted with signals from GPS and transmits the information calculated.

The Global positioning system utilizes optics by using the intennas from a satellite which are assoicated with radio frequency signals.